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Dazzling sunset

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Peaceful nature

Peaceful Nature

“All those who love, nature she loves in return, and will richly reward, not perhaps with the good things, as they are commonly called, but with the best things of this world-not with money and titles, horses and carriages, but with bright and happy thoughts, contentment and peace of mind.”  -John Lubbock

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Ibiza is an island off the coast of Valencia city. It is the third largest of the Balearic

Along with its legendary nightlife, Ibiza also has picturesque beaches and villages, and is a photographer’s heaven.

I is for Ibiza island.



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Dialogue is the conversation between two or more people. It is one of the best means of communication. Do pictures speak? I like to think they do. Sometimes, they show us different perspective, sometimes, the difference a subject makes by its presence or absence, like the sun who makes an immense change in the atmosphere and our moods by its mere presence. At times, all they do is show action without the need for any words. The pictures not only speak to each other, but also to us.

dawn Rising sun

Pictures before and after sunrise.



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