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The silent night

enchanting night

We spend our midday sweat, our midnight oil;
We tire the night in thought, the day in toil.
~Francis Quarles

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Scarlet ibis

Scarlet ibis

Scarlet ibis is a tropical bird which belongs to the Ibis species. There are  around 27 ibis species, but Scarlet ibis looks brilliant with its bright scarlet plumage.

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Gorilla in the green

Gorilla among the greens

Here’s a Glimpse of Gorilla in the Green Grass. At a Glance, he might look Grumpy, but he is a Great Guy.

This is a photograph taken at Rotterdam Zoo. Whenever, I visit the zoos, I wonder if we would have liked to be contained to a fraction of earth if some other species had dominated this planet. In spite of inhabiting major part of the earth, we aren’t satisfied. We still fight for every inch of land and resources. Instead of being thankful to Mother Nature, we abuse her.  We need to reconsider our behaviour and turn towards nature. It’s time to go green before it’s too late.

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