Adventure- Scuba diving

Adventure- Scuba diving

My first time underwater was in Koutalas beach, Greece. I was nervous before, but as I went under water, my fears melted. It was a wow experience, the bluish-green surroundings were such a contrast to our regular world. It was wonderful to see fishes swimming  freely around me instead of in an aquarium. I felt tranquility like never before. As I went deeper, my ears hurt, and I had to equalize my ears often to be comfortable.

The underwater world is a beautiful world, and I feel everyone should at least visit it once.

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Dialogue is the conversation between two or more people. It is one of the best means of communication. Do pictures speak? I like to think they do. Sometimes, they show us different perspective, sometimes, the difference a subject makes by its presence or absence, like the sun who makes an immense change in the atmosphere and our moods by its mere presence. At times, all they do is show action without the need for any words. The pictures not only speak to each other, but also to us.

dawn Rising sun

Pictures before and after sunrise.



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Gorilla in the green

Gorilla among the greens

Here’s a Glimpse of Gorilla in the Green Grass. At a Glance, he might look Grumpy, but he is a Great Guy.

This is a photograph taken at Rotterdam Zoo. Whenever, I visit the zoos, I wonder if we would have liked to be contained to a fraction of earth if some other species had dominated this planet. In spite of inhabiting major part of the earth, we aren’t satisfied. We still fight for every inch of land and resources. Instead of being thankful to Mother Nature, we abuse her.  We need to reconsider our behaviour and turn towards nature. It’s time to go green before it’s too late.

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Around the windmill

WindmillThe windmill of Sloten is located in the outskirts of Amsterdam. This mill is open to the public and you can see the exhibition ‘Amsterdam and the water’ which illustrates Amsterdam’s relationship with the sea. In the Coopery museum, you can see how barrels are manufactured.

Near the windmill is restaurant Syriana which offers a Syrian Lebanese kitchen, and a wonderful ambiance. The Lounge is decorated in the style of ‘Thousand and one Nights’ and there are performances by a belly dancer. The best part for me was that there are many vegetarian options.

A traditional dutch windmill, a museum, restaurant with good food and entertainment, and the mesmerizing nature around, this place is definitely amazing.

Belly dancing


Syriana, Akersluis


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